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Who We Are

Asociación Puertorriqueña de Hemofilia y Condiciones de Sangrado (APH) is a non-profit entity, founded 21 years ago. The Association was created with the vision of forming and integrating the community of people with hemophilia and other bleeding disorders on the island. Our organization aims to provide support and promote education for people with bleeding disorders and their families. By educating and empowering our community, we help them to better understand their medical conditions and help them prepare to overcome the daily health challenges they face. Also, we constantly advocate locally and nationally for our bleeding disorders community and their medical rights

Another main focus of APH is to serve as support to our patients and families in medical hospitalizations and emergencies. Besides the economic help we can offer, we focused on providing companionship by being a helping hand to them in those difficult moments.

APH is growing and aiming to become a much more resourceful organization to increase our educational services, assistance programs and overall reach to gain more visibility to the bleeding disorders in the island.

Nuestro impacto en el año

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